Tuesday, November 25, 2008

winter winds

Winter Winds

Crystal waters so clear and blue
Turn to white caps with gusts
Growing swells from the same
Placid surface churns together
Whispers of wind compel it
Sudden strokes raise the stride
The danger lurks in beauty
Teal turns to rippled madness
Liquid fabric folds to behold
Building momentum collects
Unleashed power from calm
Tsunami coasts breath deep
Sighing in relief and release
Age old ocean known before
Perfect patterns relapse readily
Tragic beauty laced with malice
Strokes of a lifting blue brush
Whistling winds agitate aquatics
Breaking of the storm warns
Weight of oceans wrath past
White caps pass flat as glass
Beautiful blue to teal resume
As storm clouds fail to loom
Gladly gone, good bye grief.

1 comment:

B. Raymond said...

Dear Jesse,

You are a poet.

I'm glad I found this!

Here is love from your very good friend who misses you and hopes you are happy and well and smiling all the way from my sad little room here in San Francisco,