Monday, July 27, 2009

islands again

I woke up on sand
With Shells in my ears,
Leaves in my hand
Alone free of fears

I’ll hear the waves
Feathers in the air
Water filled caves
I ought not share

The salty air fills my lungs
waves surge, and flood
return like hungry tongues
my hearts full of blood

afloat like a seamen
rhythm leaves me resting
rising and falling again
A moon close to cresting

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pen island

These days are days I never saw coming
Days I believed where off, over the horizon
Like a sun on the rise, storm blowing in
It’s a new day today, not is it today again
Restarting the beginning, all new to me
A change in the cycle, an open road ahead
Like the start of a river, springs early thaw
Birds first day of flight and a free life above
Alive and excited at the new possibilities
I’m ready to explore, expand and escape

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I’ll wake up in a forest
Up on top of a mountain
Nightly I’m on the rise
I come to rest as I awaken
Rivers and lakes always on the move
Inspires my movements, from rise to fall
Inspiration from seasons
Leaves turn green to gold
Reborn every morning
I’m cool air on the rise
From forests to deserts
Tumble weeds to trees
From the flats, hills to mountains
Where the sun climbs and drops
Between peaks and valleys
Between dreams and reality

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I was out in the middle of the ocean
All signs of land and mountains faded
Lost was the sight of trees in the hills
Water is swelling, sways in the breeze
I’m lost in the open, swallowed by waves
awoke to shores, longed for, for years
your breasts are hill’s, sight for sore eyes
I landed on shore and kiss the ground
never wanting to be alone in open water
I could grow old on these warm shores
Soak in fresh water, no salt in my wounds
Putting down roots, building a shanty town
A village on the rise from the ground up
Our laws, our morals govern our people