Monday, October 20, 2008

blowing in the sky

Blowing the sky



Oh the majesty of the deep blue sky

Most productive factory of amazement

It really goes on forever you thought

For an opportunity to experience

The same sky in other time zones

No sight since can really compare

You stretch out as if not watched

I turned my back for selfish reasons

Scared of the vastness your holding

Beauty beyond your inner vision

Old typed letters and stenciled birds

Mortality makes me misinterpret mystery

Wicked unbridled need for assistance

Forever doesn’t exist anymore

invest in the known

It lays in rest on restless waves

Harnessed like broken horses

Fluidities willingness to crest

constants of material properties

physicality on desplay daily

proof of all we cling to today

fact till the rise of fictions fury

blurring our books to mystery

wielding new logics of knowlage

evolution of fact is a constant

perspective shifts opening avenues

trains of thought we choose and forgot

concrete trains of though collide

new paths are forged off old roads

well meaning teachers misleading

revised teachings seem clear now

revisited findings are envigorating

seeing evolving information unfold

planets as moons and facts as fiction

limit investment to the known