Tuesday, November 25, 2008

tainted purity

Tainted Purity

Silken stream water from age old ice
sediment stories unfolded and retold
Rippling glimpses into past portals
Nourishing translucence of endless tale
Slightly tainted by its twisted travels
So changed from its skyward ways
Recycled and reborn in the same form
A released rebirth through untold cold
Following its path through high and low
Fate facilitates a slow return homeward
seasonal migration at the will of the sun
The mass pilgrimage to the lowest level
From our greatest need to wasted swales
Winding away where water does sway
Don’t dip and drink from tainted seas
Salty lips kiss, change and feel poisoned
Building blocks become teasing haunts
I wave goodbye to a beautiful friend
Still lovely lotion but now I’m sea sick
The sweet dream of the skies new return
A skyward quenching comes full cycle
Forgive the river for becoming the ocean
I’m heading upstream to find you pure
Untainted the way I remember you
Kneeling to your mouth I sip and sigh
This is why I remember loving you.

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