Tuesday, November 25, 2008

frozen statue

Frozen Statue

A collection of dust lies at your feet
Cruelty is your broom and your cheat
No wind stirs it but it hangs in the air
Knotted thoughts seep out your hair
Plastic people’s smiles hide your soul
At a life long cost you pay your dole
Creative conjunctions can collapse
Repeated reasons returns in relapse
Riddles echo around porcelain crowns
Unlit passion useless like ghost towns
Innocent animals look up to ponder you
Wasted purity the wind blows through
You’re the statue of blue smoky glass
Overgrown in a shady field of grass
Beautiful music trapped deep inside
On a slippery slope you chose to slide
Wandering reasoning neglected god
Hiding under silk blankets on the nod
Sunlight never melting ice cold hearts
Dark muse different from how it starts
A wind never coming to clear the mist
Frozen hand forever in a clenched fist
Hazy nights looking inside your core
The sea sick sailor dreaming of shore
Busy forgetting trying not to remember
The shadow of a statue dark as December
The Escape of doves from rusty cages
In your perfect prison trapped for ages
A Smokey devil grasps your cold hand
Feet slowly covered by the rising sand
Letting go is the easiest path to choose
A beautiful statue with nothing to lose
Heavy hand always leaving its mark
Alone on the hill in the shadowy park

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