Tuesday, July 22, 2008

lace sailed explorers

A high mast with lace sails

Silken fingers of winter gales

vastness to never be charted

Way back to where it started

Started on a voyage from here to there

Back to wondering how long youll fair


inside you but never in your face

Incapable of finding your place

The beauty of being blinding

shadows there for the finding

A horizon of immeasurable danger

Future looks back like a stranger


Mangled up past, of shield and sword

Remembering pleasure, oh the reward

Forgetting your path thought to be odd

Whispering song from the lips of god

Ignore your intuition, logic doesnt belong

Caution in the wind which sings your song


That glimpse into what you call out to

dreams making you rise without a clue

constellations above are  a tangle

Knots of yarn, distance and angle

Reeling, you grasp for what was lost

Water and weight leaving you tossed


Struggle all you want because you must

Rising sails wanting to enslave every gust

whim of progression holding you bound

Every thing that was lost must be found

needs ignore evolution

Reverting to a solution


To not bend to the will of surrounding

Thus has been the path, the drowning

Sinking, seeing the lights hem

On the other hand ceasing them

A wicked silver thread breaks through

The Mastering of chaos that finds you

A wicker maze leading you by the bit



Bite down and mold to where you fit

settle into a thrown where you sit

Awakening to your own voice

The sleeper still has a choice

The remembrance of your constant growth

Why on your deathbed is there an oath


as sure as the water line is rising

your buoyancy seems so surprising

swallow what is and sprout from the dead

written and read has been done and said

everything has been done, why fight it

find comfort in growth from where you sit

that is your ego

you probably think this poem I about you.

It cant be, its mine mine mine

buried gold

Romance is not dead its just buried deep

A thickened hide covers the sore spot

Callused hearts are unbreakable locks

Where did you get that key you wear?

How long has it hung on your neck

A guilty conscience is my copilot

Navigated by my pure bewilderment

When you whisper it sure to find me

Humming birds planting thoughts

Youll know where to find me

If I wander you will seek me out

Direction loses meaning, Im here

Im a fruit thats yours to peel away

Scared children under my hearts bed

I know youve been standing there

Watching through old cracked doors

Speed reading the book of my life

Scanning my old broken sidewalk

Weeds of insecurity on the rise

Your attentive eyes fuel their growth

Panic like a rising tide washing me

Youre the moon shifting the seas

Driving a cold wind against me

Mother Nature held in your breast

A summer rain now a spring sun

I fall through the seasons tonight

Sleeping moments like waking years

Past folly so distant in my heart

All is foreign and forever forgotten

Bondage is broken, soul soaring

Shedding all fear of the future

Peal away the pain of the present

The future finding fond feeling

Basking in your gaze Im reborn

Piercing eyes finish the story

An opening door to happiness

Light flooding in behind you

Seeing you I remember myself

Security surrounds your silhouette

Clinging to you to remember me

dream boat

Dreaming of being awake again

Light shines through, giving hope

The shadows are shrinking away

I'm wishing for winds of change

I'm willing them, tired of waiting

Oceanic eyes reflecting in yours

Waves of oblivion move me

Waiting for the first sign of shore

Change comes fast in retrospect

Eliciting change is the anchor

Letting go always strikes a chord

Thinking about not thinking

Roller coasters loop in reverse

I just remembered I'm asleep

Sagittarian pirates of the Caribbean Unite



Broken backed bridges

Concave enclaves exist

Humble homes of half human gnomes

Lost children circling in their final phase

Conclusions no one wants to believe

Star gazers collide

Sunday, July 13, 2008

sweet morning

sweet morning

Lights limited vision stretches out and yawns

Swirling mist cloaks a murky arrival

Light fights it's with it morning blankets

Trying to shake the sand from its seams

Cold shoulders catch your warm words

Thawing your milky secrets away

Washing away fragmented fears

Shattered dreams melt into black

Born from shadows are webs of hope

Lanky well wishes extend around you

Feels like home, senses relieved

Perceptions weight's lifts away

Clouds clear and release the skyline

Reborn each morning again and again

New to the view of blossoming dawn.



Have you ever taken a long look inward?
A lingering gaze transcending your physical
Pondering reflection sets up shop
What is it only you see?
Are you broken and bruised
Passively satisfied at what you don't see.
Content to gaze briefly beyond shadows
How do you spell failure?
Echoing the past's downward gusts
Every weight piled on your back
Sneak away from it all and sigh
Fake a giggle and a darting glance
Shadows evaporate into memories
Help fill me up again, I'm empty
I'm ready for it to be just right
At last with no escape route
No premeditated retreat
Maybe even rising to the occasion
Elevating through internal evolution
Personal progressions formerly faked

You're not cool with one and a half pants
Have you ever just stared off at night?
Not wondering about any one thing
Trying to digest it all at once
That solitude of post meditation
Not focusing on focusing on not focusing
Righteousness doesn't pay
I wish it did

We both know
More of a feeling then a fact
Strapping ourselves in for the ride
Flirting with disaster gladly
This is close enough
Just keep sharing with me
Mean what you say
Just be you and let me watch

Here's a little something I jotted down
Incase I spotted you around

Sad fingers weep out words
Dangerous dreams I'm avoiding
All I want is your trust
Your sweet faith
…. I think I have it
Some people never get there
Once long ago I was so there
So sure
So what!
It died out from under me
As much my fault as anyone
Find the best in your worst

Can faults be a virtue?
Mistakes for all the right reasons
Good intensions birth nightmares
Awkward moments of insecurity
You're so unhappy and angry
Be civil.

Can I have a minute to explain?
I live for the moment mostly
Consumed by excess
I like get wasted
I'm not running away
I'm running toward
always even keeled
trying to letting go
Just for tonight,
forgetting my future.

private curtain

private curtain

I had a dream about it last night
No one was around and I was going crazy
It never feels this good awake
Awake I'm always anxious to let loose
I could walk all night doing it
To think of the places it takes me is weird
Meeting people who love it like I do
Consumed by the drive to do more
When I can't sleep late at night it's the cure
Even a quick fix in daily life is nice
Planning out my next chance to do it
Even empty handed its constantly there
I love seeing it in the middle of the day
Loving to learn about people who love it

I didn't wake up without you
Basking in your grin I returned to sleep
Picturing spilled coffee finding your feet
Your excited eyes sparking to life
Remembering the rise your laugh loosens
Forged by your hands strong and true
Give me my fucking arm back
Running away is far from my mind
Pushing off and just drifting is not in the cards
You're a comfortable pillow, a place I can rest
Forest filled eyes of deep greens and brown
Our moon lit paths wind up and down
Forget not to whisper our names in the dark
Collect all the flowers before we embark
Retaining reluctance while frolicking free
I need your soft ear to hear my night calls
Alone in the ocean, lost in my thoughts
Self induced sensory deprivation.
I Lowered a curtain, me and my mind
Together at last.

broken flowers

Wrinkles in folds of time
Piles of dust collected for you
Looking to the wings for wise words
Mindful ways of broken wills
You're looking to the next car
The next man you hate
His grin makes you sick
Wicked ways money makes
Collecting sin like stamps
Five dollars never hurt so badly
Scars just proved you healed
Proudly low and ousted
Thrown out like human waste
Ending up under years of soil
Spoiled by society, so it would seem
Mangled and warped left to rust
Seeing sights, mountains don't know
Riddles of personal deviation
A step away from oblivion
The Falsely Fragrant future
Lingering in family vehicles
Local heroes digging your dirt
City workers waving you down
Day starting encounters encouraged
Not disputed by reason and moral
Defy public opinion and just take
Harvest wanted wills and souls
Never remembering basic rights
Reasonable treatment of life
Dearness of early dreariness
Expectations fly out open windows
The lost grasp on will's willingness

for the gods and the erff

The valley-populated by listless commerce,
Civilization guided by plastic people at the helm
Masts bending to the demands of the helpless
Why don't you want me to look out the window?
Vision blurring the exclude details of surroundings
The astounding, grandeur we are accustom to ignoring
Demeter's, the all mother, our cradle of self-undoing
We've forgotten her round face and nurturing smile
Hermes is gods messenger of markets and commerce
The tributes paid daily are tithe to his ministry

It all started changing once he led me there
Hours mounted in the mountain's challenges
With his help I found paths paved with stone
Those paved with possibility of newfound faith
Clear as the sky looming so largely overhead
Confronted with an explanation for all my questions.
The answer in the form of a fluid framework
Its folds, a broad possibility of paths to understanding.

first impressions always important with Janus
the god of good beginnings and thus good endings
breaking free of titan's shackles, up Olympus' root
Equipped with a focused guide and skepticism
I had never pictured my personal pilgrimage
A mountain of questions lay out in front of me
Not interested in available answers often offered
There are many paths up a mountain, here mine
An action that's still perfect while an idea warps
My minds playing tricks on me so I turn it off again
There must be and offering from my body now

Water always finds a path to its destination
The naiads, nymphs or creeks and brooks
Giggling as walk to my river's dry edge
Crashing chaos the water wields willingly
Wildly it splashes me while I stop to drink
Naiads of water that only sleep in winter
They nurture me on the most basic level
All that inspires my journey born from you
Only if my path is as sure as your winding way
Your cold blue eyelashes tickle the shore
Churn for me in your cold black depths

The tall dark forest rise into the sky
Shaded slopes rise steep, guiding me
Light dances gaily, forward then back
Games with the wind, from light to black
Standing with the earths strong arms
Open spaces with high hanging ceilings
Beyond the grandeur of man's cold chapels
Age old testaments to man's minute meaning
My guides pace hastens and I feel efforts honesty
The fledgling forest, orange in a setting sun
Twinkle on sweet night, the brink of night's birth
The brink of change and evolution every where
Fauna beginning a long-lived journey
Baring witness to mans fickle pace
My guide and I watch the sun die
Trees shadows grow, inflating I'm sure
I'm told it's over an hour to our newest home
Some shelter under bending branches
Evaded again, eternities cool eyes shine
Reflecting our solitude. Revolving the day
Direction and distance revise in my mind
No longer mystic magic. A number to crunch
I still hear the oak leaves, they tease me

The stars hang like a lace crown
Ariadne a goddess placed in the stars.
Extending your welcome to dewy youth
Oh how the moon's heavy breath moves
Her sighs are forever and yet broken
Reminding me of your warm arms
Shadows take on lives of their own
Dancing fires make the spirit of smoke
Artemis hold still my dewy leaves of youth
You expose me to night's revolution
Diamonds for stars, black silk for the sky
Pan's treasured forest nymph absently sways
Sleeping and walking, she dreams through the days
Movement surrounds you concluding your stay
East mountains, orange fountains, rise like the tide

How in love I was in this open emerald
Like an unfolding sky mapping possibility
Born of cast off seed and the ocean's foam
Unmatched but any mortal forms beauty
Beyond understanding or attainability
Spawn of the breath of a western wind
Vanquishing clouds and sewing magic
Floral fragrance explodes unbridled
A medley of nymph's woven splendor
Blades of grace dance with neon flowers
Wind fueling their festival sporadically
Limoniads pull the strings from silk veils
Love swells beyond my heart to my eyes
Flooded by feeling of foiled longing
Rose water tears nurture my feature
Reborn into my own brief baptism

Mountain goats dotting the steep sloped shapes
Daunting shards of the earth compressed plates
Like gaping mouths screaming to the sky above
Silence in such a dramatic underworld opening
Passages to the home of the land of the dead
Hades gold helmet hides him from mere mortals
Cold stone caves hold earth bound treasures
I feel his shadowed eyes follow my footsteps
My guide warns of the gravity of curiosity
Temptations sloped labyrinth distraction calls
Hades' embrace is not yet meant to be held
Upward is my ambition, not to be mislead
Discovery is unfolding as I push ahead

The stern rock face rises above tired spirits
Our most daunting face punishes a wandering eye
She demands complete focus in trying times
Her wrath is cold and unforgiving as walls steep
Wedged in her bosom I failed to waiver at all
All my attention fixed on her and only her.
Infidelity means the sure death to all involved
Herra in this moment you are my one and only
mind and body of mine and my guides are yours
allow me my pilgrimage as it nears a holy land
Seeing the summit as my obvious intended outcome
My straining assent eases, as you will me past
Tired legs tread this traitorous narrow victory
Doors open to a height literal and metaphorical
My environment induces ideological evolution
Natures astounding grandeur overwhelms m

Surveying a mirrored mass of infidelity
Endless cliffs dive into elevations excess
Like his regal birds marauding overview
Unfolding teal blue electric lakes exist
Our pinnacles nemesis is the heart of darkness
Holding ourselves high, drownding in light
Monumental glaciers, earth's slow evolution
Unyielding crowns gleam time's triumphs
Lightning cutting to the heart of my truth
That flash of reality extending onto my being
Humbled by the grandeur of nature's scope
The slightest glimpses into the eyes of creation
A moment of condensed majesty manifested
God was there with us, a real tangible god
Confronted with an illustration of my spiritually
All would hang from it if bound from here
Here on this peak all is calm and so clear
I spread out my arms, freed from bondage

The valley floor nothing but a memory now
Dark green forests rise around it's broad base
Emerald green fields greet fading forests
Washed rock shores hold Teal blue lakes
The glaciers cold fingers creeping onward
Surrounded by endless mountains and sky
The church of the earth infinitely before of me

thank you me

thank you....me

i went out walking again
above the city lights and tunnels below
crowned by lost creatures as the same
impossible birds on lost paths to the sea
swallow the silken cloud trailing off
wilting design, a delicate mind
fire off your flares and sound your alarms
out on the water its just you
its nice to feel alone
if you know how to fold it
an impossible feather in your hair
colors you taste when you see them
i'm not alone, i've all this
my senses come along
keeping me company on this long trip
i love it when the lights go out
out walking alone
sharing with myself
thank you me

under the skies

tonight we slept by a river
under the low flying cloud
nights cold making us shiver
lost in sounds crashing aloud

sounds of the ocean
feeling close and clear
repeating its motion
mountains felt so near

felt the peaks and the valleys
natures trickling fountains
away from streets and the alleys
we spoon with the mountains

clouds open up and share
waking to the sound of rain
rain soaked, feet to hair
wishing i could find the drain

tired under our tent
we made a retreat
lost where we went
drying our feet

relief from our tired whoas
a stones throw from relief
released from our wet cloths
our escape from disbelief

a brief break from adversity
warm water and soft beds
revisiting our escaped city
clean with our resting heads

we found the perfect day
we found the perfect town
remembering how to play
rising from being low down

a new day's bright sky
we have bloomed anew
no need to try to try
open sky of bright blue

magic rocks and little fish
a loud moons bold birth
finding our smiles my wish
lets live for all its worth