Tuesday, November 25, 2008

dream boat

Like a dream

The perfect petals of my dear golden flower
The wonderful feelings you allow me to feel
Reeling mazes with a surefire path to gold
The endless awe I feel looking into your eyes
I shrink into insignificants and grow all at once
Pulses of passion penetrate me as you pass
Unknowing secrets in your quiet breathing
The warming feeling of comfortable lovers
Like a wind blowing leaves from fall trees
You cause my love to spread like open arms
Your magic garden pulls my senses endlessly
Like a healed blind man boggled by new vision
Love radiates forgotten color from your silhouette
The kindness of your healing words sooths me
Like cool medicine on a badly burned soul
Your understanding of me is hard to understand
Sweetness like a long forgotten flower’s smell
Special in the way you make me feel so special
My perfect creature I covet for myself alone
Your spirit sustains me and nurtures me totally
You own me and are the royalty of my heart
I would pledge my allegiance to the flag of you
My lover, my princess, my confidante, my everything…..

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