Tuesday, November 25, 2008

eastern magic

eastern magic
wicked little spell of heart and sleeve
tasting, sleeping the wanting lip ache
the image, the thought wished to believe
malignant hearts tumor a doctor's to take

sleepless night never so filled with joy
the night after the warm feels so cold
raiders of insides, a mingled word ploy
swelling, the masses, knots are all told

sunshine rays replaced with cloudy rain
brown eyes dark as underground waterways
a paper heart shape here simple and plain
the sprinkles of springtime focus on days

deep water currents stir up my emotion
remembrance of well framed collections
the rain to water traps collect my devotion
scribbled note to you, full of corrections

a consecutive emotionless reposed advance
this concurrent confliction of each's need
the wind in water corrodes the last chance
the hearts on your sleeve is easy to bleed

desiring completion and collapsing want
tent poles released from weight from above
circus stars past, returned us to haunt
a fear of heights, we refer to as love

pushing skyward against the weight of you
enchanted, undaunted but fearfully obtuse
distraction from numbness, the thing you do
denial, devotion some thing are of no use

tidal blood flows and aches for a spark
nutrition removal, from daily ingestion
time to climb masts to gaze at the dark
when are you ready, is the dark's question

feminized feeding to gills in my heart
echoing sediments to the bottoms they go
the nutrient the mouthful all my start
the wind comes, the sails, moving me slow

forgetful light sleepers together a hole
wrapped in the comfort, forget the lust
warming, consoling evolving their soul
forgetful nights magic gone in the gust


frankhurtdance said...

how come no one leaves a comment?

hypocrite said...

i know! it bumms me out