Tuesday, November 25, 2008

war torn

war torn souls

Napalmed children in hidden caves

Forgotten causes as token reasons

Killing only for the sake of killing

Suicide pilots journals uncovered

Robotic feelings of soullessness

Forgotten foes after years pass

German veterans recalling forced orders

Pawns offered up as menial sacrifice

Meaningless life counted as numbers

Accountants of loss only seeing totals

Broken trunks of ancient family trees

Winter has come to take your leaves

Fruitless times of forgotten causes

Fighting for the sake of fightings

Age old enemies with familiar faces

No place for reason on fallen fields

Charred neighbors and broken homes

Empty arms grasp for fallen fathers

Mothers crying out for absent sons

Pure dreams down blood streams

No-one left to blame but yourself

Blinded by illusions of grandeur

Endless hunger for power

numb to loss of life

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