Thursday, November 6, 2008

seasons of two hearts

throw flowers on our grave
even shedding a rare tear
hold it in and just be brave
frail stitches we still fear

six feet away from the past
long quiet looks we share
hope thin thread holds fast
lay in the grass, try to care

at rest beneath still rubble
relics of ruins left to find
silence trapped in a bubble
lets leave Atlantis behind

relieved it's been laid to rest
just happy to let the grass grow
my heart is still in my chest
from the ashes signs of life show

Death is never the end but a start
energy is not created or destroyed
the cycles are big, we're a bit part
just grains in the ruins we enjoyed

as we watched our shadows grow
in the setting sun of our prime
distorting images of us, head to toe
wave to our moment, our time

gained is what growing up from below
our union continues, adjusting its form
winter is fading, spring melts the snow
reborn apart, we weathered the storm

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