Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the maiden voyage

The Maiden Voyage

Creative features of the beauty of pain
Gift of grief gladly gone by the wayside
Grieving hurtfulness so ugly yet vane
Cascading ships wander along and glide
The bubbling streams of conscience flow
Boat side manner wasted on wandering
Blind explorers glad to be, nowhere to go
Stained silk hung high after laundering
My wandering eyes that are finally fixed
Wavering voices sing songs of high praise
Collaboration of joy and pain deeply mixed
Feeding on emotions getting by for days
Voyages in the vastness of a hoping heart
Gaping holes in logic and reason grinning
Despair dissipates steadily from the start
Smiles full of doubtful waterfall’s beginning
Shining teeth with growing gaps grind
Currents pull through the missing space
Twisted bodies of water glassy and wind
Lingering moments dictate life’s cruel pace
It’s driving you to the void of discontent
The winter of a steely cold liquid field
Pasts fade away leaving spirits bent
Horizon’s healing is a soul’s high yield
The forgettable misfortune lingering on
The wind and sun touch your bowed back
Warmth of every day ordinary not yet gone
sun sprouts beginning the fade from black.

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