Tuesday, January 27, 2009

i felt like i found god here

The valley-populated by listless commerce,
Civilization guided by plastic people at the helm
Masts bending to the demands of the helpless
Why don't you want me to look out the window?
Vision blurring the exclude details of surroundings
The astounding, grandeur we are accustom to ignoring
Demeter's, the all mother, our cradle of self-undoing
We've forgotten her round face and nurturing smile
Hermes is gods messenger of markets and commerce
The tributes paid daily are tithe to his ministry

It all started changing once he led me there
Hours mounted in the mountain's challenges
With his help I found paths paved with stone
Those paved with possibility of newfound faith
Clear as the sky looming so largely overhead
Confronted with an explanation for all my questions.
The answer in the form of a fluid framework
Its folds, a broad possibility of paths to understanding.

first impressions always important with Janus
the god of good beginnings and thus good endings
breaking free of titan's shackles, up Olympus' root
Equipped with a focused guide and skepticism
I had never pictured my personal pilgrimage
A mountain of questions lay out in front of me
Not interested in available answers often offered
There are many paths up a mountain, here mine
An action that's still perfect while an idea warps
My minds playing tricks on me so I turn it off again
There must be and offering from my body now

Water always finds a path to its destination
The naiads, nymphs or creeks and brooks
Giggling as walk to my river's dry edge
Crashing chaos the water wields willingly
Wildly it splashes me while I stop to drink
Naiads of water that only sleep in winter
They nurture me on the most basic level
All that inspires my journey born from you
Only if my path is as sure as your winding way
Your cold blue eyelashes tickle the shore
Churn for me in your cold black depths

The tall dark forest rise into the sky
Shaded slopes rise steep, guiding me
Light dances gaily, forward then back
Games with the wind, from light to black
Standing with the earths strong arms
Open spaces with high hanging ceilings
Beyond the grandeur of man's cold chapels
Age old testaments to man's minute meaning
My guides pace hastens and I feel efforts honesty
The fledgling forest, orange in a setting sun
Twinkle on sweet night, the brink of night's birth
The brink of change and evolution every where
Fauna beginning a long-lived journey
Baring witness to mans fickle pace
My guide and I watch the sun die
Trees shadows grow, inflating I'm sure
I'm told it's over an hour to our newest home
Some shelter under bending branches
Evaded again, eternities cool eyes shine
Reflecting our solitude. Revolving the day
Direction and distance revise in my mind
No longer mystic magic. A number to crunch
I still hear the oak leaves, they tease me

The stars hang like a lace crown
Ariadne a goddess placed in the stars.
Extending your welcome to dewy youth
Oh how the moon's heavy breath moves
Her sighs are forever and yet broken
Reminding me of your warm arms
Shadows take on lives of their own
Dancing fires make the spirit of smoke
Artemis hold still my dewy leaves of youth
You expose me to night's revolution
Diamonds for stars, black silk for the sky
Pan's treasured forest nymph absently sways
Sleeping and walking, she dreams through the days
Movement surrounds you concluding your stay
East mountains, orange fountains, rise like the tide

How in love I was in this open emerald
Like an unfolding sky mapping possibility
Born of cast off seed and the ocean's foam
Unmatched but any mortal forms beauty
Beyond understanding or attainability
Spawn of the breath of a western wind
Vanquishing clouds and sewing magic
Floral fragrance explodes unbridled
A medley of nymph's woven splendor
Blades of grace dance with neon flowers
Wind fueling their festival sporadically
Limoniads pull the strings from silk veils
Love swells beyond my heart to my eyes
Flooded by feeling of foiled longing
Rose water tears nurture my feature
Reborn into my own brief baptism

Mountain goats dotting the steep sloped shapes
Daunting shards of the earth compressed plates
Like gaping mouths screaming to the sky above
Silence in such a dramatic underworld opening
Passages to the home of the land of the dead
Hades gold helmet hides him from mere mortals
Cold stone caves hold earth bound treasures
I feel his shadowed eyes follow my footsteps
My guide warns of the gravity of curiosity
Temptations sloped labyrinth distraction calls
Hades' embrace is not yet meant to be held
Upward is my ambition, not to be mislead
Discovery is unfolding as I push ahead

The stern rock face rises above tired spirits
Our most daunting face punishes a wandering eye
She demands complete focus in trying times
Her wrath is cold and unforgiving as walls steep
Wedged in her bosom I failed to waiver at all
All my attention fixed on her and only her.
Infidelity means the sure death to all involved
Herra in this moment you are my one and only
mind and body of mine and my guides are yours
allow me my pilgrimage as it nears a holy land
Seeing the summit as my obvious intended outcome
My straining assent eases, as you will me past
Tired legs tread this traitorous narrow victory
Doors open to a height literal and metaphorical
My environment induces ideological evolution
Natures astounding grandeur overwhelms m

Surveying a mirrored mass of infidelity
Endless cliffs dive into elevations excess
Like his regal birds marauding overview
Unfolding teal blue electric lakes exist
Our pinnacles nemesis is the heart of darkness
Holding ourselves high, drownding in light
Monumental glaciers, earth's slow evolution
Unyielding crowns gleam time's triumphs
Lightning cutting to the heart of my truth
That flash of reality extending onto my being
Humbled by the grandeur of nature's scope
The slightest glimpses into the eyes of creation
A moment of condensed majesty manifested
God was there with us, a real tangible god
Confronted with an illustration of my spiritually
All would hang from it if bound from here
Here on this peak all is calm and so clear
I spread out my arms, freed from bondage

The valley floor nothing but a memory now
Dark green forests rise around it's broad base
Emerald green fields greet fading forests
Washed rock shores hold Teal blue lakes
The glaciers cold fingers creeping onward
Surrounded by endless mountains and sky
The church of the earth infinitely before of me

a story about machines destroying the world

Past and present

black machines bursting and blazing
Freight train feet flailing and falling
gyroscope balance beams keep up
pounding sounds of timed explosions
the new face of keeping the peace

rushing radio waves cast nul and void
coast town in waiting for a lull to sigh
as a crow flies your stuck in the middle
the ants on the road flee layers deep
a collection in retreat causing convulsion
walkways a mosaic of swarming society

not so far off gears grind and pistons pump
an unlit mass of tarnished black aggression
the symbol of iron fists and ice cold eyes
forgotten fortune’s foundry forged fear
in the darkened void a slow shift begins
slamming steps change the present to past
the shadows close in and people call out
heads held lower then ever under

raging infernos explode everywhere
the mountain like machine moves through
the ground is gouged deeply and scarred
rising clouds of dust add to the dullness
a wavering haze forms around the mass
bright lights burst forward clearing the way
a house of cards lay broken under foot
the northern coast spared the days rage

as the smoke swells the shadow goes east
as the tides rise the mountain settles in deep
last glimpse then its gone from sight for now
new rules turn the gears of a new evovlution
a forever altered perception of possibility .

black machines bursting and blazing
Freight train feet flailing and falling
gyroscope balance beams keep up
pounding sounds of timed explosions
the new face of keeping the peace

awakening eyes find a maze below ground
sound so empty it’s a hollow vibration
surface seems like a distant past now
setting in the shuffling begins when calm comes
people huddle around the screeching radio
hoping for a voice like a hand to clutch to
finding faith forgets frivolous facets
like the passageway blocked so is hope
god was crushed and broken they whisper
the decades feeling of invulnerability a shred
torn flags of already forgotten nations
pledges of generations like broken tablets
stone with no strength like crumpled buildings
sad songs sing silently for the south

spared another for night they sigh
a twisted wish for the exploited south beaches
a half felt wish that it was the north’s turn
the torture of survival
the waiting for the world you know to crumble
to all be in the same situation
a guilty northern dream that it all could end
never a mountain of steel to descend
for the removed suffering of a nation
I fissure opening in morality of bonds
A looming fear that never neglects you
Hanging over head like an gallows shadow
Punished in the wind that touches your neck
Dare to never celebrate but silently
Clenching your fist you whisper
You all whisper…. pound the south
Exodus yourself, satisfy yourself
Dreaming of escape through others pain

black machines bursting and blazing
Freight train feet flailing and falling
gyroscope balance beams keep up
pounding sounds of timed explosions
the new face of keeping the peace

Never satisfied
Life is suppression
Logic dictates
Evolution is beginning
Laying in wait
Time means nothing and everything
Give me more

Burning with no end but all being consumed
Rations misplaced and fear resonates
Lost humanity tempered with the untouched
A proud tall city stands unscathed
Remembrance shown as though danger fails to loom
Digest you fate, so easily fools forget
Isn’t momentary salvation enough
Must it last forever if only for you
Without failure the peace succumbs
The south begins to glow with new desperation
The momentary quiet of safety descends
Making way for the extreme of uncertainty
Like a gale forcing open a half closed door
Dying flames are reincarnated as infernos
With the return of shadow comes the gloom
You can not even pretend it does not exist
Vulnerability consumes you like the flame
South has been claimed by the sun
The north looks on quietly waiting

Busy streets with certain death looking around you
Media’s false sense of safety swallows the masses
A collective calm beyond peace times
siblings claiming their rite of passage
The food chain lay broken by mechanical mountains
Salvaging the fertile southern shores
Feasting on the twisted remains
As though both a lion and vulture
Papers reading the south will never rise again
Sweet words some how
Welcome words

Fallen and muddy, fallen wonders hang
The north…..surely the north will help
Where is The north?
They bump their glasses in homage
Hoping not for the south to be spared
For the south to satisfy the unquenchable
Gladly offered as a suitable sacrifice
For the mountains to take up roots
laying dormant once more
Surely mountains must come to rest
Clouded mountains of steaming gas and iron
Cylinders pumping valley filling voids
White hot fires burning low

black machines bursting and blazing
Freight train feet flailing and falling
the ant in its ear is its only controls
gyroscope balance beams keep up
pounding sounds of timed explosions
the new face of keeping the peace

Monday, January 26, 2009

hernan handles his bizz

pale moon

A pale moon
Bares soft light
Bathing our apple tree
Our garden and our grove
Shadows cast long and low
Midnight ink's churning escape
Stretching out hands claiming all we see
Moonlight nights sleeping in fields
Soft songs secretly sounding off
But it was the silence we found
Amidst slow swaying leaves
Cool wind dances playfully
The lightest caress