Tuesday, November 25, 2008

leaking bull

leaking bull
A broad faced bull looked across the dark court yard
Wondering about his little cat out in the rain season
There was no table in sight and rain fell like waves
Crashing on cold statues and palm trees all the same
Turning he forgot this notion and looked to his feet
An inward race was on and he couldn’t keep pace
His mind was a spiral plunging downward slowly
It wasn’t the speed but the continual pace it kept
Like an ever stirring pot of water void of any drive
Pictures of stairs rising and falling in every direction
Depth was an illusion he would tell himself lightly
Half heartedly muttering while deep in contemplation
Whims he thought, purely whims of a lonely old soul
Lifted eyes scanned the courtyard for his wet partner
Picturing her curled up under some dripping overhang
Surly soaked to the bone and thinking of his warmth
The shelter they had, he thought, would draw her back
Forget the mice in the fields and the shadows that pass
Thinking of the warm glow of a hot day growing old
The passing of the light into the early dark warmth
Listening to a million collisions on a thousand leaves
Winds bullying nature of bending things to its will
Grinning he laid in his stall and drew a deep breath
So this is the end he thought with a wind whispering
A longing and tiredness swept over him without sound
The passing of the day’s events left him totally ruined
Having had his gorings and victories left him undone
He was lighter then ever, slowly slipping up and out
Out of body and mind and up against the rain’s will
A forgotten fulfillment of his last wish was laid to rest
Against the watery grain he saw the cat returning home
Shaking itself off and looking to him without reaction
Remorselessly she licked at his leaking wounds quietly
Turning upward he continued, glad for her last return.

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