Sunday, July 13, 2008



Have you ever taken a long look inward?
A lingering gaze transcending your physical
Pondering reflection sets up shop
What is it only you see?
Are you broken and bruised
Passively satisfied at what you don't see.
Content to gaze briefly beyond shadows
How do you spell failure?
Echoing the past's downward gusts
Every weight piled on your back
Sneak away from it all and sigh
Fake a giggle and a darting glance
Shadows evaporate into memories
Help fill me up again, I'm empty
I'm ready for it to be just right
At last with no escape route
No premeditated retreat
Maybe even rising to the occasion
Elevating through internal evolution
Personal progressions formerly faked

You're not cool with one and a half pants
Have you ever just stared off at night?
Not wondering about any one thing
Trying to digest it all at once
That solitude of post meditation
Not focusing on focusing on not focusing
Righteousness doesn't pay
I wish it did

We both know
More of a feeling then a fact
Strapping ourselves in for the ride
Flirting with disaster gladly
This is close enough
Just keep sharing with me
Mean what you say
Just be you and let me watch

Here's a little something I jotted down
Incase I spotted you around

Sad fingers weep out words
Dangerous dreams I'm avoiding
All I want is your trust
Your sweet faith
…. I think I have it
Some people never get there
Once long ago I was so there
So sure
So what!
It died out from under me
As much my fault as anyone
Find the best in your worst

Can faults be a virtue?
Mistakes for all the right reasons
Good intensions birth nightmares
Awkward moments of insecurity
You're so unhappy and angry
Be civil.

Can I have a minute to explain?
I live for the moment mostly
Consumed by excess
I like get wasted
I'm not running away
I'm running toward
always even keeled
trying to letting go
Just for tonight,
forgetting my future.