Sunday, July 13, 2008

under the skies

tonight we slept by a river
under the low flying cloud
nights cold making us shiver
lost in sounds crashing aloud

sounds of the ocean
feeling close and clear
repeating its motion
mountains felt so near

felt the peaks and the valleys
natures trickling fountains
away from streets and the alleys
we spoon with the mountains

clouds open up and share
waking to the sound of rain
rain soaked, feet to hair
wishing i could find the drain

tired under our tent
we made a retreat
lost where we went
drying our feet

relief from our tired whoas
a stones throw from relief
released from our wet cloths
our escape from disbelief

a brief break from adversity
warm water and soft beds
revisiting our escaped city
clean with our resting heads

we found the perfect day
we found the perfect town
remembering how to play
rising from being low down

a new day's bright sky
we have bloomed anew
no need to try to try
open sky of bright blue

magic rocks and little fish
a loud moons bold birth
finding our smiles my wish
lets live for all its worth

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