Sunday, July 13, 2008

broken flowers

Wrinkles in folds of time
Piles of dust collected for you
Looking to the wings for wise words
Mindful ways of broken wills
You're looking to the next car
The next man you hate
His grin makes you sick
Wicked ways money makes
Collecting sin like stamps
Five dollars never hurt so badly
Scars just proved you healed
Proudly low and ousted
Thrown out like human waste
Ending up under years of soil
Spoiled by society, so it would seem
Mangled and warped left to rust
Seeing sights, mountains don't know
Riddles of personal deviation
A step away from oblivion
The Falsely Fragrant future
Lingering in family vehicles
Local heroes digging your dirt
City workers waving you down
Day starting encounters encouraged
Not disputed by reason and moral
Defy public opinion and just take
Harvest wanted wills and souls
Never remembering basic rights
Reasonable treatment of life
Dearness of early dreariness
Expectations fly out open windows
The lost grasp on will's willingness

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