Tuesday, July 22, 2008

buried gold

Romance is not dead its just buried deep

A thickened hide covers the sore spot

Callused hearts are unbreakable locks

Where did you get that key you wear?

How long has it hung on your neck

A guilty conscience is my copilot

Navigated by my pure bewilderment

When you whisper it sure to find me

Humming birds planting thoughts

Youll know where to find me

If I wander you will seek me out

Direction loses meaning, Im here

Im a fruit thats yours to peel away

Scared children under my hearts bed

I know youve been standing there

Watching through old cracked doors

Speed reading the book of my life

Scanning my old broken sidewalk

Weeds of insecurity on the rise

Your attentive eyes fuel their growth

Panic like a rising tide washing me

Youre the moon shifting the seas

Driving a cold wind against me

Mother Nature held in your breast

A summer rain now a spring sun

I fall through the seasons tonight

Sleeping moments like waking years

Past folly so distant in my heart

All is foreign and forever forgotten

Bondage is broken, soul soaring

Shedding all fear of the future

Peal away the pain of the present

The future finding fond feeling

Basking in your gaze Im reborn

Piercing eyes finish the story

An opening door to happiness

Light flooding in behind you

Seeing you I remember myself

Security surrounds your silhouette

Clinging to you to remember me

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