Tuesday, July 22, 2008

lace sailed explorers

A high mast with lace sails

Silken fingers of winter gales

vastness to never be charted

Way back to where it started

Started on a voyage from here to there

Back to wondering how long youll fair


inside you but never in your face

Incapable of finding your place

The beauty of being blinding

shadows there for the finding

A horizon of immeasurable danger

Future looks back like a stranger


Mangled up past, of shield and sword

Remembering pleasure, oh the reward

Forgetting your path thought to be odd

Whispering song from the lips of god

Ignore your intuition, logic doesnt belong

Caution in the wind which sings your song


That glimpse into what you call out to

dreams making you rise without a clue

constellations above are  a tangle

Knots of yarn, distance and angle

Reeling, you grasp for what was lost

Water and weight leaving you tossed


Struggle all you want because you must

Rising sails wanting to enslave every gust

whim of progression holding you bound

Every thing that was lost must be found

needs ignore evolution

Reverting to a solution


To not bend to the will of surrounding

Thus has been the path, the drowning

Sinking, seeing the lights hem

On the other hand ceasing them

A wicked silver thread breaks through

The Mastering of chaos that finds you

A wicker maze leading you by the bit



Bite down and mold to where you fit

settle into a thrown where you sit

Awakening to your own voice

The sleeper still has a choice

The remembrance of your constant growth

Why on your deathbed is there an oath


as sure as the water line is rising

your buoyancy seems so surprising

swallow what is and sprout from the dead

written and read has been done and said

everything has been done, why fight it

find comfort in growth from where you sit

that is your ego

you probably think this poem I about you.

It cant be, its mine mine mine

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aigin larki said...

wow i really like your sparkler photo.
its very spooky and surreal