Sunday, July 13, 2008

private curtain

private curtain

I had a dream about it last night
No one was around and I was going crazy
It never feels this good awake
Awake I'm always anxious to let loose
I could walk all night doing it
To think of the places it takes me is weird
Meeting people who love it like I do
Consumed by the drive to do more
When I can't sleep late at night it's the cure
Even a quick fix in daily life is nice
Planning out my next chance to do it
Even empty handed its constantly there
I love seeing it in the middle of the day
Loving to learn about people who love it

I didn't wake up without you
Basking in your grin I returned to sleep
Picturing spilled coffee finding your feet
Your excited eyes sparking to life
Remembering the rise your laugh loosens
Forged by your hands strong and true
Give me my fucking arm back
Running away is far from my mind
Pushing off and just drifting is not in the cards
You're a comfortable pillow, a place I can rest
Forest filled eyes of deep greens and brown
Our moon lit paths wind up and down
Forget not to whisper our names in the dark
Collect all the flowers before we embark
Retaining reluctance while frolicking free
I need your soft ear to hear my night calls
Alone in the ocean, lost in my thoughts
Self induced sensory deprivation.
I Lowered a curtain, me and my mind
Together at last.

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aigin larki said...

the picture is magic.