Monday, June 15, 2009

the most beautiful

Silky black hair’s cool soft touch

Eyes like looking into a wise old forest

An animated little nose, flares with expression

Tender pink lip’s perfectly formed with a sweeping top

A gentle subtle chin fondly frames In the rest

Neck that made to poise a wise head

Collar bones connection to be kissed

Shoulders both strong and slim

Arms armed with artistry hold me so tight

Breasts of a goddess, worshipped by my mouth

Back arched like marble aqueducts, smooth to the touch

A stomach slightly curved, midpoint of perfection

Hips that can anchor the worlds weight yet so lovely

Your gentle opening, it’s like a doorway home

The bubbles of your buttocks beckon me

Legs draw my eye, strong and beautiful

Down to small ankles, bring legs to a point

Finished by fine feet, oh the travels they have seen

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